benoit talks about his job as a csm at awfus

Customer Success Manager at A World For Us: off-the-wall assignments

The position of Customer Success Manager, as we like to say in the nation of young innovative companies (let's face it, it's always classier in English), is traditionally defined by a panel of loyalty missions, aiming at offering a privileged support to each new interlocutor, interested in the proposed service or already a customer.

After a few searches on our favorite search engine, the tasks seem to revolve around a common base: applying a sales strategy to build customer loyalty, advising and guiding users in an effort to optimize satisfaction, or playing an active role in the migration of prospects between the various sales channels. What artillery is available? Chat, phone, email, smoke signals or even face-to-face for those who have been in hibernation since March 2020 (or in their dressing rooms).

So, in concrete terms, how is being a Customer Success Manager at A World For Us different?

For anyone who has ever worked in customer relations, as I have in the past, most of my days consisted of a relatively uniform pattern of phone calls, emails and ongoing training to deepen product expertise, all monitored via internal metrics. The monotony of the repetitive nature of these tasks, combined with the pressure to perform, quickly gave way to frustration.

That said, when I started at A World For Us, I quickly realized that the definition of an Account Executive took on a whole new dimension. I quickly understood that in addition to the expected tasks of communication and customer support through traditional channels, my creativity and autonomy would be at the heart of my job. 

Indeed, first big surprise: at A World For Us, being a Customer Success Manager doesn't only happen behind a screen as you might think, but also behind a camera! Have you ever seen a customer success manager take the liberty to play the Youtubers behind a lens, to learn editing and production, while managing the content from creation to publication? I might as well tell you that when I was first offered to create my own video content, as an audiovisual enthusiast, the excitement was at its peak. Here I was, free of all the clichés I had accumulated about this job. Finally, I could feel that my role in a company will not only be to execute but also to create. 

As the months go by, I understand the dynamics better and better: being a member of the A World For Us guild means being a force of proposal and contributing to the building. Here, the CSM spends only a part of his time on a chat or on the phone. The other part of his time is the opportunity to think about and implement new solutions to improve the user experience but also the functioning of the team. Between a few stray nerf gun balls and a couple of ukulele chords, creativity springs forth, projects born from embryonic ideas hatch, multiply and converge to give birth to new methods of onboarding our customers but also our newcomers.

To be a CSM according to our rules is to communicate, create, innovate, and build A World For Us.

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