The 5 golden rules of a Customer Success Manager

You may be wondering what the famous acronym "CSM" stands for? You suspect that it has something to do with customer relations, but you've never dug deeper than that? This article is for you!


We tested the Digiforma weekly vlogs

Since November 2020, we have been publishing weekly 3 to 5 minute vlogs for our Digiforma clients, every Monday at 10am. One year later, let's take a look at this experiment that involved the entire customer relations team! Behind the idea of vlogs The first vlogs were published in November 2020, on the occasion of the second [...]

benoit talks about his job as a csm at awfus

Customer Success Manager at A World For Us: off-the-wall assignments

The position of Customer Success Manager, as we like to say in the nation of young innovative companies (let's face it, it's always classier in English), is traditionally defined by a panel of loyalty missions, aiming to offer a privileged support to each new interlocutor, interested by the proposed service or already [...].