Portrait of a CSM - Laura

This customer success manager has the sun in her blood and a strong attraction for Peruvian music. Drum roll... today we're going to talk about Laura, queen of RGPD and Spanish shrimps. Laura is in charge of the relationship with key accounts. Her seriousness and straightforwardness make her a [...]


Portrait of a dev - Oriane the dazzling

An Olympic athlete's mentality, a devastating charm and a slightly dubious sense of humor... Today I'm going to give you a portrait of Oriane, the most flamboyant of our shadow developers. Oriane is a great sportswoman: yoga, running, climbing, dancing, nothing stops her, nothing scares her. She is one of those annoying people [...]


Portrait of a CSM - Maëva, the most popular CSM.

You probably know Maëva, the star of BPF, the queen of Qualiopi, you have probably already seen her famous red curls and her radiant smile on your screens! Well, get ready to discover her in a new light because she is the new victim of my portraits! Maëva is part of the A World For Us alumni, she's the [...]


One year at AWFUS: The balance sheet

In October, it will be exactly one year since I joined A World For Us. As the youngest Customer Success, I will probably be the baby of the company until my third child is born, but now I am an old hand! So it's time to do the [...]


Portrait of an AWFUS developer - Christophe Benoit

At A World For Us, there are two kinds of devs, those who live in Lyon and come to the office more or less often, and the others. The remote devs we hear about but never meet, the ones we only know because they make jokes on Slack or because they have a website.


Portrait of a CSM 

Marta Toribio, Megan Markle's official look-alike A singing accent, a tan that's always on point, the air of a princess exiled in Canada... I'll give you the bull's-eye, today we're going to talk about Marta Toribio! Marta arrived a few months ago at A World For Us, accompanied by her duo of [...]


Why did A World For Us turn to Elixir and Phoenix to develop Digiforma?

Digiforma has been working since its creation with Elixir technology and the Phoenix framework and in this article, I decided to explain why we made this choice. Elixir, what is it? According to the Elixir website, it is a "dynamic and functional language for building scalable and easy-to-update applications".


Portrait of an Awfus developer 

Originally, I had planned to write an article about "How to get started with JavaScript" but the particularly planar subject matter (as my grandmother would say) made it the worst article of my very long career as a journalist. During this painful mission, which turned out to be a huge failure, I did however meet a real star! No [...]


The 5 golden rules of a Customer Success Manager

You may be wondering what the famous acronym "CSM" stands for? You suspect that it has something to do with customer relations, but you've never dug deeper than that? This article is for you!


A World For Us Rewind: everything that happened in 2021

2021 was a special year for the training industry - Covid, Qualiopi, digitalization, CPF - all these topics have kept our clients very busy and have really transformed the sector! But we too have evolved a lot alongside them, and a whole lot has happened at A World For Us [...]

aworldforus offices

The hybrid work experience at A World For Us

A look back at A World For Us' No Fixed Office experience during the fall of 2021.

of people work in teams on their computer

What is a Saas (Software as a service)?

You have probably already heard about it, SaaS solutions, which appeared in the early 2000s, are becoming more and more popular on the BtoB software market. Digiforma for example works this way! But what is a Software as a service and what are the main differences between this technology and the one used by [...].


We tested the Digiforma weekly vlogs

Since November 2020, we have been publishing weekly 3 to 5 minute vlogs for our Digiforma clients, every Monday at 10am. One year later, let's take a look at this experiment that involved the entire customer relations team! Behind the idea of vlogs The first vlogs were published in November 2020, on the occasion of the second [...]

a world for us, a self-financed company and not a startup

A World For Us, a start-up ?

Do you remember your last job search? Didn't you feel like you were reading the same company descriptions across all the listings? Does working at any start-up sound the same? Why does the start-up identity look the same? Despite what you might think at first glance, AWFUS is not really a start-up, [...]

benoit talks about his job as a csm at awfus

Customer Success Manager at A World For Us: off-the-wall assignments

The position of Customer Success Manager, as we like to say in the nation of young innovative companies (let's face it, it's always classier in English), is traditionally defined by a panel of loyalty missions, aiming to offer a privileged support to each new interlocutor, interested by the proposed service or already [...].

beryl describes the process of onboarding at a world for us, on the digiforma software

Onboarding at Digiforma

The genesis of onboarding. When I arrived at A World for Us as Customer Success Manager, I joined Anne-Gaëlle, the one and only CSM at the time, who had already been in the job for a year. 15 days later we were joined by Benoît. It was very special because we were taking our first steps in [...]

testimonial by claire, customer success manager

Employee testimony: "My first 4 months at A World For Us

I had the chance to join the A World For Us team in March 2021. At that time, I wanted a challenge, something new and above all, to feel good in a company with a real project. As soon as the recruitment process started, I felt that the dynamics of this company were different. In [...]