One year at AWFUS: The balance sheet

In October, it will be exactly one year since I joined A World For Us. As the youngest Customer Success, I will probably be the baby of the company until my third child is born, but now I am an old hand! 

So it's time to take stock of this incredible year. 

To begin with, I moved, abandoning Nice, the French Riviera, my horse and the Sex-on-the-Beach (the cocktail of course) for Lyon, the Cross-Roussiens and the shopping center of La Part Dieu. 

At least here I find parking spaces.

The Digiforma software is dense and constantly evolving, so it took several months to learn how to use it. That's when you realize how important it is to surround yourself with a close-knit team. 

Thanks to my charismatic personality, I was able to quickly integrate into the team and find my place. It was extremely useful for me to learn about the software, discover the different missions, the particular talents of the members of my team and carry out my first tasks. 

During the first months, I worked on updating the articles and tutorials to adapt them to the constant improvements of the software. This in-depth work allowed me to become knowledgeable about Digiforma and to answer our customers' questions with much more ease. 

A lot of things happened during this year, the release of new features, the redesign of the signup page, the improvement of imports and the development of bots, we can say that we were not bored!

On my side, I was able to launch into larger projects such as the implementation of bots on each page to answer the most frequent questions of our customers, the creation of dozens of product tours to accompany them in the discovery of the software, the preparation of the release of new features and many other related missions. 

Thanks to A World For Us, I have also been able to enjoy writing dozens of articles for the blog or for the FAQ. 

In one year, I learned how to use Intercom, improved my oral and written communication skills, developed relationships with colleagues and clients, participated in a trade show, managed my first training session and learned how to ski (this is a skill that is not yet fully acquired) 

AWFUS also allowed me to touch the project management, and understand how a software is developed internally. I was even able to be part of a project by participating in the development of the import functionality. 

My experience at A World for Us has been different from my previous jobs because for the first time, I am in a company with a large number of employees (there are not that many of us but my experiences are limited) but also because we are growing fast. Since my arrival, we have hired more than ten people. I also enjoy having many different assignments and learning from each one. 

And of course, this is the only company that allows me to rollerblade in the office. 

Today, I'm just looking forward to what the next few years hold for me, hopefully involving more new projects and star-studded steak houses! 

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