Portrait of a dev - Oriane the dazzling

An Olympic athlete's mentality, a devastating charm and a slightly dubious sense of humor... Today I'm going to profile Oriane, the most flamboyant of our shadow developers.

Oriane is a great sportswoman: yoga, running, climbing, dancing, nothing stops her, nothing scares her. She is one of those annoying people who are good at everything they do.

At the beginning of her life, Oriane wanted to be a psychiatrist, a lawyer or a veterinarian, but it's finally web development that conquered her heart, driven by the lure of money and the idea of becoming the queen of nerds.

Before joining A world for us, Oriane was a developer for another company, but you see, destiny is like that: one spring morning, while the sun was just rising and a light breeze was blowing on the leaves of the trees in Lyon, she came across a job offer on an obscure hiring website (Welcome to the jungle) and met Henri who managed to convince her that A world for us was made for her!

The family atmosphere of the company, a team that laughs at her jokes, Henri's subtle charm, we will never know what made her decide to accept this offer, but one day, dressed in her most beautiful Vinted dress, she walked through the doors of our offices and never left.

So here she is, developing A World for us, improving the educational and financial balance sheet, developing the absentee and dropout functionality, sprinkling our day with juicy anecdotes about her life.

For almost two years now, we have had the pleasure of being the people she hangs out with the most, ahead of her friends, her parents and even her cat. So we are in the best position to describe her, and that's what I asked my dear colleagues.

To the question, "What is the word that best describes Oriane in your opinion?" They answered:

  • Indomitable (it makes him a common point with Spirit the stallion of the plains),
  • Sports
  • Without limit
  • Unforgettable
  • Funny
  • Flamboyant
  • Exuberant

You will have understood, Oriane's personality is remarkable to say the least.

I can now say without any doubt that her personality comes from her astrological sign, indeed, Oriane is a lion!

According to Elle magazine, a leading expert in the field of astrological signs, the lion woman is "dazzling and has a little bit of a star quality", does this remind you of anyone?

Apparently, lions are made for the stage and the projectors, but fortunately for us, Oriane chose the shade, the cellars and the computers.

As a good lioness, Oriane loves fashion, she is the legitimate shopping queen. The only reason why she does not participate in the show is that no one has agreed to compete with her.

If we go deeper, we discover that the lion woman likes to get out of the boxes of the society and to free herself from the pre-established rules. Oriane is free, independent, and wants to make it known, just like Jennifer Lopez, "she ain't your mama."

But Oriane is not only a lion, she is also... an Oriane !

The website famili.fr explains that Orianes are determined women ready to do anything to achieve their goal and born -or appointed- to do stage jobs (it seems that our Oriane missed her vocation). 

And now, our official Oriane has no more secrets for you ! See you next time for the next portrait !

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