Portrait of a CSM - Maëva, the most popular CSM.

You surely know Maëva, the star of BPF, the queen of Qualiopi, you have probably already seen her famous red curls and her radiant smile on your screens!

Well, get ready to discover her in a new light because she is the new victim of my portraits!

Maëva is one of A World For Us' alumni, she has been here for two years, and with us, we count in dog years, so it's really a lot. Before working here, Maëva was part of an OPCO, she accompanied companies in the automotive sector in their training projects. Even earlier, she was an HR consultant on the subject of training.

In short, Maëva is IN-CO-LLABLE in terms of training.

She has the answer to all our questions and we never hesitate to go bother her (especially me).

She probably has a voodoo doll of me for those days when I'm particularly annoying.

But Maëva is also the team's mother: she listens, understands, smiles, is always ready to party and never loses motivation no matter what the situation.

At A World For Us, Maëva was in charge of customer relations and improvement of Digiforma. Today, she is a little bit detached from the customer relationship (but not quite, don't worry) to focus on the "product owner" side of her job. She takes into account all the requests of our customers, sorts them out, and accompanies our developers in the modifications of the software and the development of new functionalities. In particular, she is responsible for the abandonment functionality, the electronic signature and many other features! With her partner Claire, she is part of the "TMS" team which manages all the improvements concerning the ERP. (Administrative management)

But it's time to talk a little more seriously. Who is Maëva apart from her work?

Maëva loves the mountains, the countryside, the animals, she finds everything fabulous. I know this for a fact because I was in the car with her and at each new mountain, she exclaimed "Look how beautiful it is!" as if Fondcombe had appeared at the bend in the highway.

In short, she knew how to keep her childlike soul.

Maëva is a fan of sheep and cows, especially when they have red and curly hair.

She eats all the time, we don't know where all that food disappears to because she doesn't gain an ounce. She does yoga, probably to channel her boundless energy, and she's a real pain in the ass (ouch).

Did you know that the name Maëva is of Tahitian origin? It means "Welcome". She doesn't really have a choice, she has to be kind.

According to Parents.fr, a website that helps parents find the ideal name for their future child, Maëva girls are sentimental, sweet and a little too emotional. They are ambitious and like to go out in the open air.

Now that they say it, it's true that she likes to roam around the fields.

But Maëva is also an Aries sign and you know how much I believe in astrology. According to the Marie-Claire website, Aries is a go-getter sign. 

Impulsive, audacious, full of ardor, no doubt, our Maëva is a ram. She likes to go for it, to try, to get carried away even if it means making a mistake, and you wouldn't doubt it if you had already seen her skiing down a slope in her impeccable outfit.

Nothing stops him, not even broken knees!

A little helicopter ride and it's back to the year forty.

In short, if you have a daughter to be born between March 21 and April 20, call her Maëva!  

And see you soon for a new portrait!

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