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The hybrid work experience at A World For Us

In my previous experiences, I had experienced everything.

The 100 % face-to-face (where coming to the office was a religion) and the 100 % remote (where the whole culture of the company depended on the ability of everyone to work remotely, in the four corners of the world).

During my job interview at A World For Us, the question of telecommuting was quickly brought up.
Simply because the company was, at that time....


I wondered where I was going to end up, but more importantly, how the integration phase would go without an office.

- Okay. But you still want to take offices huh?😮 (my experience with the 100 % remote in the middle of Covid having traumatized me a bit, I wanted to be sure that the company was not planning to switch to 0 desktops )

"Yes yes of course! Don't worry 🙂 We have a plan B... but mostly a plan A! "

Plan A was obviously my dream plan. I can say that I burned 3456 candles in St. John's Cathedral to make it happen.

In spite of this uncertainty, I was very happy to land my dream job (I hope to tell you more about it soon in the columns of this blog)

Joining a company without a fixed office?
No worries. I even found the experience exotic. (something nice to tell the family at Christmas time)

Hybrid onboarding

My first week went very well. I quickly realized that for 2 months without an office my new team had adapted very well to this transition.
Every Wednesday, the company rented atypical places in the city.
Each time different, these ephemeral offices offered us an IRL moment between colleagues, which is always highly anticipated.
A joyful day!

One of our Wednesday reunions (at the Stade des Lumières)

The other days, we alternated between coworking sessions at the Anticafé or at La Cordée. And, of course, home office.

A freedom of work that I had never experienced before.

The day of deliverance has arrived

After 3 weeks, I could feel a certain trepidation within the teams.

"So, those offices? Are they coming soon?"

"We're this close!"Stéphane and Henri, the captains of this boat, whose crew was impatiently waiting to return to their new home port, answered each time.

The following Wednesday we were to meet at the World Trade Center, the coworking space in the Oxygen Tower in Lyon. I already knew the place a little bit and I was looking forward to enjoy the view on the city.

Once we have received our visitor badges, we head for the elevator.

But instead of discovering the World Trade Center, here's what we found:

🎉🎉🎉🎉 OUR NEW QG 🎉🎉🎉

Just before Christmas, it was a great gift and a big relief for the whole team.

What about today?

We share our offices with our colleagues from the marketing agency Staenk.
A cosy nest that everyone has quickly made their own.
I, for my part, have the chance to go to the premises by scooter (the soft mobility team is in force🚲)

🏢But who says offices doesn't mean mandatory attendance.

Especially in Covid times.

Working at A World For Us, you will have the freedom to choose your pace.
The vast majority of the team comes to the office 2 days a week. And we meet on Wednesday for our weekly meeting.

Having a nice office and above all, a hybrid (and free) work organization is, without any measure, the perfect equation for an employee.

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