A World For Us Rewind: everything that happened in 2021

2021 was a special year for the training field - Covid, Qualiopi, digitization, CPF - all of these topics have kept our clients very busy and have truly transformed the sector!

But we also evolved a lot with them, and a lot of things happened at A World For Us that made our heads spin.

Want to know more about the behind the scenes of our year? Come on, I'll tell you everything in this article!

Team side

Our world itself has expanded - we have grown from 13 employees at the end of 2020 to 26 at the end of 2021, the team has simply doubled in 1 year ! We have welcomed several new Customer Success Managers, new developers of course, but also new profiles with very specific missions - a very stylish UX/UI Designer, a Community Builder who shines, an Internationalization Referent who opens up new horizons for us .

This could have made us lose our bearings more than anything else, but instead, with a super internal onboarding process that we imagined this has made our "family" grow smoothly and we are thrilled to share our daily life and craziness with our new talents 😊

This obviously involved a big move So that we can express ourselves freely, from Bellecour we have moved to the 26th floor of the Oxygen Tower, it makes you breathe! Of course we went through a period of cardboard boxes and a few months without fixed offices, but that allowed us at the same time to discover each week unusual places to meet and work together.

Today, big spaces to mix and collaborate, a nice common room to relax in and a beautiful studio hear our laughter, see our new ideas emerge and give us a boulevard to compete in skating competitions.

In 2021, we have also put in place a company agreement allowing everyone to work in 4/5ème during the summer season - between June and August, and it's a real feel-good factor to be able to enjoy shorter weeks when the weather is good!

On the activity side

The number of our customers has also followed the trend - from 1900 customers at the end of December 2020 we have obtained the loyalty of 3400 customers at the beginning of January 2022 ! And we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the trust they have placed in us.  

In order to be able to accompany them even better, we have considered a restructuring of the team and our internal missions and this has allowed us to communicate more and to carry out a lot of actions to get closer and to accompany them on different aspects:

  • calls, innovative webinar formats, training to better understand the tool and resolve complex situations
  • weekly vlogs to cover topics related to the product or the training world
  • testimonial interviews with our clients who welcomed us in their premises
  • Webinars with guests to discuss current and exciting topics
  • a Certified Partner program to highlight our trusted partners
  • a community of mutual aid dedicated to the OF which is being created with a nice program of events
  • a paper magazine - Digiformag, to ensure a fun and quality watch

Our special achievements

We obtained the RNQ certification after our initial audit Qualiopi in November 2021! It was a real adventure that led us to rethink our internal processes and our organization on the training side in order to offer services of impeccable quality.

The tool Formalerte was able to help more than 13,000 training stakeholders with their regulatory and technical monitoring.

We have released a new version of the customer tracking feature-CRM Digiforma ! A project that has been in progress for some time, for which we have received a lot of feedback and suggestions from our subscribers and which today offers a new potential for customers to develop their business and ensure the link with their customers.

We joined the France Numérique network of activators, allowing many clients to benefit from a helping hand in their digitalization process, and we exchanged with other passionate training professionals around the FFFOD and EdTech Lyon networks to imagine together the future of training.

We saw our sponsor dog Romeo finish his education with Handichiens to accompany people in need.

We brought our favorite characters to life Régis and Petronille to follow their adventures in the comic book The OF! They now put even more color in our world.

We shared throughout the year team moments in a different way - sledding in the snow, hiking in the summer, the Christmas market in Alsace, delicious restaurants in Lyon... But we also let our imaginations run wild for the restricted periods - role-playing games, olympiads, unusual blind-tests, escapes in the office, egg hunts, reverse hide-and-seek, and even ... the Super Chicken!

... And I am certainly forgetting things, so much things are moving fast at A World For Us.

But the greatest success for me remains the smile of the team every morning when we meet, as well as the incredible cohesion and this joyful company culture despite the fact that we are growing.

And it motivates us even more for the crazy adventures that await us in 2022! A marathon, an international tour, a team that doubles in size ... what does this new year hold for us? I can't wait to take stock in a few months!


  1. Bonjour,

    etes vous une entreprise française ou Amériacaine ? Car je ne le vois écrit nul part.

    Merci par avance

    Arielle Dron

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