We build 3D serious games and virtual worlds.

Our platform serves (very) big and small companies since 2009.

With our platform, creating immersive 3D experiences is now as easy as any web project.

Multi-players 3D environments

Like a video game, accessible directly through web browsers, mobile phones or tablets. Don't worry about your corporate firewall or proxy, our platform knows how to deal with it.

Avatar based interactions

Users are embodied in a customizable avatar. The avatar can move freely in the environment. It's a familiar experience: just behave like you would in a real life event.

Real-time communication

The platform comes with built-in spatialized voice chat and text chat. The nearer an avatar, the louder you hear it. Just like in real life.

Scenario authoring

A very simple to use scenario and Non-Player Character behavior editor makes it super easy to create interactive stories for your applications.