We tested the Digiforma weekly vlogs

Since November 2020, we have been publishing weekly 3 to 5 minute vlogs for our Digiforma clients, every Monday at 10am. One year later, let's take a look at this experiment that involved the entire customer relations team!

Behind the idea of vlogs

The first vlogs were published in November 2020, on the occasion of the second containment. At that time, the objective is to accompany clients, training organizations, in order to help them adapt urgently to the constraints of distance learning. I therefore published a first series of 4 vlogs on the theme of "quickly transforming classroom training into distance learning". My vlogs are seen between 100 and 200 times for each publication and I tell myself that it could become a recurrent publication. So I got the customer relations team involved in the vlogs project and each of them was in charge of preparing and animating 4 vlogs throughout 2021.

For us, vlogs have many advantages:

  • It's a way to create a recurring link with our clients: every Monday morning, we send them a short video on a theme related to the professional training sector. For them, it's an opportunity for contact!
  • This is an opportunity to establish our expertise in the training sector. We propose vlogs focused on good practices in the use of the software (to go further than tutorials) but also on broader topics such as the quality approach, pedagogy or the posture of the trainer.
  • For the team members who film themselves, it is an exercise that enhances their skills.
  • Finally, it allows you to quickly produce content that can be reused on Youtube, in support articles or on dedicated pages of the software. Ideal to make our different pages live and boost our natural referencing.

One year later: the results

Very positive results

Between November 9, 2020 and November 9, 2021, 45 videos were published every Monday morning. At the time of writing, they have been viewed 5465 times when published to our clients and 24176 times in total on our Youtube. Some videos related to current events (concerning the new quality certification for example) are real hits with more than 1000 views on Youtube. Most of the videos have also been featured on Digiformagand all the articles have been viewed more than 26600 times in total. From a results point of view, we can say that it is a success: by involving the support team to create more content, we benefited from many more ideas and a greater variety of videos to share! For the team, it was also an opportunity to improve their skills in scripting and video editing as they each took turns being producers of their own little series of vlogs.

On the production side, there is still room for improvement

In July, when we had our summer break from broadcasting vlogs, we took the opportunity to prepare season 2. 

On the one hand, we contacted our customers to ask them what content they would like to see covered. The answers revealed two main requests: more best practices on how to use the software and more pedagogical tips on how to create distance learning courses. 

On the other hand, we discussed with all those who were involved in the production of season 1 of the vlogs to understand how they experienced, each in turn, this temporary mission. It came out that the vlogs imposed too many constraints on the person who had to produce them: writing the script, filming and editing everything is much too time-consuming for a single person who has to familiarize himself with the vlogs' codes each time. So there is no "economy of scale" in the production since we start from 0 every 4 vlogs.

What about the future?

For season 2 of the vlogs (starting in September 2021), I have taken over the technical execution of the vlogs production: I take care of filming and editing, and this allows the members of the customer relations team to take the time to choose the subjects and build qualitative content. We save a lot of time in the production of the vlogs since they prepare their subject beforehand, we film the 4 vlogs in one go, and then I take the time to edit them and publish them on all the distribution media.

For the customer relations team, it allows them to focus on their core business: creating useful content, in line with customers' needs. For me, it allows me to keep control of the final result and the timing constraints. In the end, we all gain in serenity without sacrificing quality.

Season 2 of the vlogs is well underway, see you in 2022 to see what season 3 will be like!

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