The 5 golden rules of a Customer Success Manager

You may be wondering what is behind the famous acronym "CSM" (Customer Success Manager) that can be found on many job offers?
You suspect it has something to do with customer relations (good call, Sherlock!) but you've never dug deeper than that?

It's your lucky day 🍀 !
Because today, just for you, we have decided to lift the curtain on this somewhat mysterious profession by letting you into our world!

In exclusivity, we are going to reveal you The 5 golden rules of a Customer Success Manager at Digiforma... But first, a little overview is in order!

What is "CSM"?

Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM) means above all being the client's privileged interlocutor in all exchanges that may take place with him, whether by email, on an instant messaging thread, during a call or during a video conference.

Nevertheless, information sharing is not limited to direct exchanges with the customer.
Indeed, being a CSM also means providing the resources necessary for product adoption and use.

The formats are numerous, but the objective remains the same: allow the customer to optimize his use of the software to which he has subscribed.

Finally, many additional missions complete the already busy daily life of a Customer Success Manager.
Between the improvement of internal processes, the evolution of the functionalities of the software, the animation of webinars in front of sometimes 100 people, or the participation in the life of the team, there is nothing to be bored of!

In broad terms, it is about being the guarantor of of a successful customer experienceKeeping in mind one and only one objective:
customer satisfaction 💗 !

In other words, our job is to pamper our customers every day! It's a great job, isn't it?

In fact, a small leap in the past is necessary: this profession appeared for the first time in 1996 in a company that also publishes software (Vantive).
It will really start to gain momentum in 2005, when SalesForce will launch its " Customers for life ".
It is at this point that companies realize the need to accompany their customers in the handling of their tools...

But let's get back to the period that interests us and take a look at the offices of A World For Us.
From the top of the 26ème On the first floor of the Oxygen Tower, between two coffees on the terrace overlooking the city and offering an incredible view of the Fourvière hill, the CSMs accompany their clients in the adoption and use of Digiforma, the turnkey tool for Training Organizations. To do this, there are a few golden rules that we suggest you discover.

#1: Customer questions will be answered by the CSM.

The first major mission of a Customer Success Manager is tolisten to the customer to understand their needs and then meet them.
On the one hand, the CSM must demonstrate empathy and be able to read between the lines to understand the situation encountered by the client. In other words, they must be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to.

On the other hand, it must provide the appropriate response by demonstrating of pedagogyThis is a very clear and precise guide. Here, screenshots, tutorial videos and other additional resources to go further are highly recommended.
This will sometimes allowanticipate future questions and thus avoid the back and forth with the customer, often a source of frustration.

#2: educational resources, the CSM will produce

The second main mission of a Customer Success Manager is to create tutorialsThe software includes articles, explanatory videos and other useful documents to train users on how to use the software.
The objectives are multiple: more autonomy for the customer thanks to the resources made available, a saving of time for him as well as for the customer support which he does not have to contact.

As a WSC, you must therefore be able toanticipate questions that clients may be asking and identify the missing resources in this regard. Imagination is also needed to design the right materials.

Organizationstep back and take a look at the creativity are therefore necessary qualities to fulfill this task.

#3: customer needs, CSM will go up
1TP4Product evolution

The Customer Success Manager is in direct and permanent contact with the customer. He or she intuitively becomes the customer's spokesperson within the company.

It is then up to him to collect the needs of the clientsWe analyze the relevance of these issues and pass them on to the technical teams in order to improve the product.
This is a very important mission for a CSM because it fosters user loyalty: firstly because they feel listened to and considered, but also because they see the product evolve and meet their expectations.

Thus, customer complaints, when they are constructive, represent a real gold mine: it is thanks to this feedback that Digiforma is constantly evolving and has become the reference tool for training organizations.

#4: informed of market trends, the CSM will be held

Knowing the business sector in which it evolves is essential for a Customer Success Manager.
In fact, by being in permanent contact with the client, the CSM plays a support role He must therefore be informed of the latest news related to his field.
Aongoing monitoring is necessary here to avoid missing crucial information.

Moreover, once the CSM has gone beyond its role of accompanying the tool, the exchange becomes richer and allows for a more strategic aspect.

It doesn't stop there. It can also be about best practices to be implemented internally in the company: new processes, new tools and software, new trends, etc.
New ideas are always welcome at Digiforma!

#5: Webinars, CSM will host

Webinar facilitation is a central mission of a CSM at Digiforma.
In fact, we hold 3 per week: a 30-minute discovery webinar, a one-hour getting started webinar and another webinar on a specific feature that also lasts 60 minutes.

At Digiforma, all CSMs must be able to do this. You have to be comfortable enough to stand in front of the spotlight and have the good animation skills to keep the audience captivated and interested.

It is indeed the image of the company which is at stake since it is a moment of privileged exchange with the prospects and the customers.
An interesting challenge which allows, once again, to evolve on transversal missions and to discover hidden talents!

(Bonus) #6: in office life, the CSM will participate

The last golden rule, which is INCREDIBLY the most important (by far!), is participation in office life

Integration within the team is indeed a strong aspect at Digiforma, so that there is a real cohesion between us.
It is therefore highly recommended that you participate in our wild hide-and-seek games, our raclette evenings, our picnic outings to the Parc de la Tête d'Or and the other sports and fun events that are organized throughout the year.

So, would you like to join us and participate in this beautiful project with us?
👉🏼 It's over here

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