testimonial by claire, customer success manager

Employee testimony: "My first 4 months at A World For Us

I had the chance to join the A World For Us team in March 2021. At that time, I wanted a challenge, something new and above all to feel good in a company that has a real project to carry. 

From the recruitment process, I felt that the dynamics of this company were different. Indeed, very few companies offer you an interview with the co-founder as a first contact. During the course of our discussions, I also met the person who would become my teammate: Maëva. During an interview, she presented me her missions and her daily life. Without blinding me with glitter, she was very honest about how the company works and the fact that occasionally we had to do some unpleasant tasks. I found this exchange particularly useful and inspiring. 

The peer interview should be mandatory in all recruitment processes because it is much more effective than debating about one's qualities and defects (you too are a perfectionist and versatile)

A few interviews later, the good news arrived: I joined A World For Us as Customer Success Manager!

Armed with my little binder, I finally discover those who will share my open-space! My first day has been busy between a photo shoot for our Welcome to the Jungle page and a surprise attack with the Nerf Gun in the afternoon. I had the impression to have had an extraordinary day, whereas after 4 months I identify it more as a normal Wednesday.

The onboarding at A World For Us is particularly well done. We give you time to land and at the same time the whole team is very attentive if you need any information. The training being at the heart of our business it is of course on our platform Digiforma that I realize a small practical case. A very complete and humorous guide of the manips will complete my week. At first, I am baby-sat by a member of the team every day. This rotation is very interesting to understand the different visions of the job, to identify the missions of each one and especially to really integrate myself in the company. 

After a few weeks, a terrible feeling came over me: the feeling of an impostor (yes it's scary!)

I felt that I would never be able to contribute anything to this team full of such creative and resourceful people. I have always worked in very structured companies, whereas here I was given a lot of space to create and develop my assignments. 

In many companies you feel the need to "justify" your presence, to show that you are useful and that you are the best at what you do. Not at A World for Us! I understood it little by little but we were all chosen for a reason, a skill, a know-how, a personality. Within the team, everyone is very different but finally a real homogeneity emerges. This is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of our company and allows us to learn a lot from each other. 

The management is very benevolent, you can share your ideas, even when you have just arrived, to improve the processes in place (if it is relevant of course we don't do anything either).

After 4 months, I feel like I've totally found my niche. I participate in live webinars, I edit videos and I have even survived three role-playing evenings, which I never thought I would be able to do! At the same time, I bring my experience in customer relations and my knowledge of the training field which allows me to stop wondering if I am legitimate to have joined such an incredible company.

Finally, I will mention that my trial period is ending soon as I write this article. Maybe I'll have a bad surprise next week but, joking aside, since I arrived I've never regretted my choice to join this crazy project and I'm ready to follow this little team to infinity and beyond!

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