Portrait of a CSM - Laura

This customer success manager has the sun in her blood and a strong attraction for Peruvian music. Drum roll... today we are going to talk about Laura, queen of RGPD and Spanish shrimps.

Laura is in charge of the relationship with our key accounts. Her seriousness and straightforwardness make her a great contact for our customers who, I'm sure, love her. Laura likes to look at the specific issues our customers face to find effective and satisfying solutions.

Before Digiforma, our spirited CSM worked in the event industry, then in the organization of customized trips in South America! Peru conquered her heart and so she settled there, organizing trips at times, electronic music festivals at other times. Laura loves adventure and new experiences and, who knows, it's probably this thirst for novelty that pushed her to apply for this position at A World for Us!

Back in France, she is now a CSM, still listening to needs but this time on a different theme: the digital transition of training organizations. Here, far from South America, Laura finds happiness in this team that allows her to give free rein to her creativity in complete autonomy! She particularly appreciates the daily challenges and the variety of profiles that come her way. And of course, there are us, her colleagues, whom she loves even more than her clients (I hope so anyway.)

Laura is a bohemian at heart, she loves yoga, music, hiking and cosmopolitan cuisine. It's the simple pleasures of life that drive her, even if she doesn't say no to a good little Michelin-starred restaurant from time to time.

But more than that, Laura loves South America: her passion can be seen on her resume, in her conversations and even in her taste in movies since her favorite movie, Carnet de Voyage, is a road trip through this continent she loves so much.

But let's move on to your favorite part. Laura is one of the many rams in the box, you know, the ones who pretend to like each other when we know very well that rams don't like each other. (It's the journaldesfemmes that says it.)

According to Elle magazine, the Aries woman is not discreet, she has a tendency to go for it, to assert herself and to be independent.

Well, well, that reminds me of someone... Laura also has hotheaded tendencies.

The Aries woman is feminist and athletic. (Well, about Laura, it's mostly about hurting yourself by jumping off a wall barely a meter off the ground, but let's try not to judge her).

She's incredibly competitive, dare I say it... bad ass?

But that's not all! The Aries woman likes to surround herself with courageous people and hates mediocrity. That's probably why Laura chose us: there are only extraordinary people in this team.

Did you know that? Laura comes from the Latin word Laurus which means Laurel. She is therefore destined to accomplish glorious deeds. Her parents were probably inspired by the song Laura by Johnny or by Little House on the Prairie... we'll never know. Anyway, this name fits her like a glove since the Lauras are active, charming women with a strong personality according to the Figaro!

You now know much more about Laura! See you soon for a new portrait!

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