Portrait of a CSM 

Marta Toribio, the official Megan Markle look-alike

A singing accent, a tan always at the top, the air of a princess exiled in Canada ... I give you in the bull's eye, today we will talk about Marta Toribio!

Marta arrived a few months ago at A World For Us, accompanied by her striking duo Marianne (nickname: the Martanes).

Before joining the team, Marta worked at Wall Street English, an English language training organization for adults. There, she did management, administrative management and customer service.

But Marta has more than one string to her bow! She studied journalism, communication and television production in Madrid. Thanks to her skills, our tutorials will soon look like documentaries shot in L.A. and that's beautiful.

On top of that, she boasts of cooking Spanish tortilla to perfection (we're waiting to see) and of retaining without difficulty all the useless information that enters her ears. 

Today at A World for Us, Marta is part of the customer relations team, answering questions about the software and working on creating and improving content to help our customers understand how it works!

Of course, I asked her what she liked about working with us, and her answer was particularly terse: "everything".

But as I had an article to write, I asked her to elaborate. She told me that she loved our team (at the same time we are great), the general atmosphere in the office (it makes her feel good to see me rollerblading around), the daily support and the autonomy given to her on her daily tasks.

If I wasn't already working here, I'd want to.

But as a good investigator, I know that to make a portrait of someone, her CV is not enough. You have to start by digging around them.

So during the coffee break, I asked my colleagues to send me a note to describe Marta with the promise that their anonymity would be respected (yes, I'm looking for the drama). Sadly, they had nothing negative to say about her, apparently I'm the only one who watched Mean Girl in my youth around here.

Marta is described by her colleagues as radiant, calm, diplomatic, and singing. And yes, she is unanimous in the team, it is almost boring...

So I went in search of reliable sources that would not lie to me to make myself look good, and for that, what better than websites known for their professionalism and the veracity of their words?   

For starters, Marta is an Aries, which, according to thejournaldesfemmes, means she's a goofball, impulsive, creative, hates routine and doesn't really like other Aries. This is problematic because half of the company shares this sign so either thejournaldesfemmes is wrong (which seems unlikely to me) or these little sneaks are pretending to get along.

To be investigated...

To find out more, I asked Marta (under duress) to take the sixteen personality test.

You will know that Marta is a "lawyer", which makes her common with Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

The great class what.

Like them, she wants to make the world a better place, and according to Marta, a better world consists of lots of pizza, animals running free without fear of being eaten, and lazing around in Spain with her friends.  

You can find Marta in Webinar and on the customer support! And see you soon for a new A World for Us portrait!

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