Portrait of an Awfus developer 

Originally, I had planned to write an article about "How to get started with JavaScript" but the particularly flat topic (as my grandmother would say) made it the worst article of my very long career as a journalist.

During this painful mission, which turned out to be an abysmal failure, I met a real star!

No, that's not true.

In fact, I already knew Enzo Baldisserri since, even if he works on the shadow side (he is a dev) and I work on the light side (Customer success), we often share the same office. Simply, during my interview with him, I thought that you would gain a lot by knowing him too!

Enzo was born not so long ago, in Lyon, and he is now 23 years old. As a kid, he dreamed of working in train mechanics, instead he became a web developer. The proof that you don't need to realize your dreams to be happy!

Enzo finally chose to turn to web development relatively early. He was attracted by its ease of access. He appreciates the fact that we can develop very clean things quickly with Web technologies and that they are constantly evolving. You see, he does not like to be bored, Enzo likes to learn and evolve. 

It's still less fun than train engineering if you want my humble opinion.

When I asked him why he had joined A world for Ushe replied:

For many reasons! First of all, I did a 3-year internship in a very large ESN, and even if I appreciated the time I spent there, the size didn't suit me. So I wanted to look for a smaller company, and I'm really not disappointed. I was also attracted by the atmosphere promised by Welcome to the Jungle, by the fact that the company was self-financed and therefore independent in its decision making, and the technologies used. "

He has been with A world for us for almost a year now and apparently he doesn't regret his decision since he comes to the office every day even though he could work from home!

Of course, I asked him what he liked about his job at A world for Usto which he replied:

"I love the atmosphere at the office, we all get along so it's really cool, after that I also really enjoy what I do."

So is it the truth? Or a desire to make the boss look good? We will probably never know...

But while we're on the subject, let's see what he does at A World for Us...

Enzo's main mission is to develop features on Digiforma, fix bugs and stabilize the existing code. He is particularly interested in the infrastructure of the software, the deployment process and the control of its proper functioning.

At the moment, the hot topic on his mind is improving the performance of the agenda. Indeed, we have noticed some problems with the calendar that he is working on to improve the comfort of use of this feature. The goal is to make the loading of events faster and to be able to do without date filters in order to have the events displayed directly on the right month.

But let's come to the subject that interests us most.

Who is really Enzo Baldisserri?

A Capricorn ascending Capricorn, which, according to Cosmopolitan, means that he is "determined, determined, robust and solid" and that he puts his professional life before his personal life. Rigorous and serious, he is a true perfectionist (his fellow developers will agree with this statement.) Still according to Cosmopolitan, Capricorns with Capricorn ascendants love science, research and computer science (who said that astrology was not an exact science?). In short, Enzo was born to be a developer. That's how life is made!

On a more serious note, Enzo loves music. We can say that it is a real passion since his adult dream is to tour with his band. He plays the guitar, the bass and even the keyboard in his spare time! But his favorite instrument is the bass (forever, he says).

He listens to a little bit of everything according to his desires, different artists and styles, but at the moment, he's crazy about Grandson (don't ask me what it is, I have absolutely no idea).

I think I've said enough to convince you that we all need an Enzo in our lives... and who knows? Maybe next time I'll profile another dev who deserves to be known.

One thing is for sure, this is the case for everyone at A world for Us !

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