beryl nous décrit comment se déroule l'onboarding chez a world for us, sur le logiciel digiforma

Onboarding at Digiforma

The genesis of onboarding. 

When I arrived at A World for Us as Customer Success Manager, I joined Anne-Gaëlle, the one and only CSM at the time, who had already been in the job for a year. 15 days later we were joined by Benoît. It was very special because we were taking our first steps in remote learning, as we had just come out of our first confinement.

Everyone in the company was very supportive and kept telling us that we would progress at our own pace with the software and the different internal processes. It was very reassuring and motivating. We already had a lot of resources at our disposal to improve our skills on the software: the same as our customers! Ideal to see what worked and what didn't for a neophyte. The resources in question? The video tutorials, the various FAQ articles and the patience of our dear colleagues, whether managers or developers, to answer our billions of questions.

Although we were perfectly autonomous, we were sometimes a little lost and groped our way forward. Every time we had a new internal situation, we had to interrupt or wait for someone from the team to tell us how this or that tool worked.

Of course, it was very pleasant because we had a private teacher to support us. However, we could quickly see the limits of this method. The team was going to get bigger and bigger and it was going to become unmanageable if we kept on doing this. 

Reflection to optimize the arrival of the new Customer Care Managers. 

The advantage at A World For Us? The trust! We are recruited for our strength of proposal and we are given a great freedom of action for our projects. Thus, we proposed, with Benoît, to think about a new integration process as our first mission.

The objective was to ensure that our new recruits would become even more competent and feel supported. And above all, that the "human" advice be valued during dedicated times. The first few days in a company as crazy and incredible as ours can be disconcerting if you don't offer a path to follow. It's a real explosion of information.

So we divided the task so that the Digirecrues become real experts. On the one hand the knowledge of the software, on the other hand the internal processes to become the best CSM!

My past experience as a trainer naturally led me to create an asynchronous e-learning course, on our platform of course, to discover the software in complete serenity. As for Benoît, a real nerd at heart, he created a guide to explain how each of our internal tools works. 

Discover Digiforma! 

The purpose of the e-learning part is to give a quick overview of the software's functionalities and of the difficulties our customers may face. This allows the newcomers to the team to get their hands dirty while having a goal.

Indeed, not all Customer Success Managers have had the opportunity to manage a professional training before taking up their position. This can be destabilizing if you don't know where to start. Before you can advise customers, you have to know what you are talking about!

It is therefore a question of gathering in one place the various scattered resources that we already had and of creating new ones to follow the evolution of Digiforma. Then, we have to prioritize the importance of each information so that a certain logic comes out of it. The whole thing is punctuated by quizzes and achievements to be provided in order to validate the acquired knowledge. Very Qualyoupi isn't it? 😏 This part also allows to create a bit of emulation by making a good child ranking of the best results (the best score being still held to this day by Oriane).

Another advantage is that everyone has experience as a learner on our e-learning software.

Discover the CSM position! 

Once the knowledge of the software has been acquired, it is time to look at our different internal processes to best support our customers. This second part takes place on the 3rd day of our little protégés. Everything happens in the great "Guide des Manips" created by Benoit. Inside you will find all the tools you need to know to make our customers happy. Chat tools, video editing software, sound recording and other webinars are described with a lot of humor for a smooth start. 

Video tutorials have been created for the occasion and allow the team to come back regularly to progress throughout the year. The latter is constantly updated with new features so that everyone is up to date.

Finally, it's time for the humans! The second week, a rotation of babysitters is set up, each CSM in place takes under his wing the new ones to show them the tricks of the trade during one day. This is the time to ask all the questions and especially to explain the role of each one, because yes we each have our specialties, personally it is the LMS part that is mine. 

But where's the fun in that? 

It happens very quickly thanks to a big team restaurant, as well as welcome drinks to get to know each other in a different setting from work. The Wednesday night rush is spent at the bar to work while relaxing. And then you say to yourself, yeah, but it doesn't change much from the other start-ups, there's not even a Mario Kart... To discover what it's like on the recruiting side, discover quickly the testimony of the new girl Claire freshly arrived 4 months ago. 

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